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From ammolite to zircon

Jeff Nechka, a gemologist at Premier Gems, discusses the tools of his trade—and gives a few tips on finding high-quality gems.

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CJ December 2015/January 2016

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The Perfect Proposal


I thought I would share my own little bit of love with you today.
I got engaged in October last year and was hands down the best day of my life.
Just minding my own business at work when I get called upstairs to help out with something. When I get to the top of the stairs I’m greeted by my two good friends Christy from Christy D Swanberg Photography and Ixchel from Parfait Productions. Both with cameras in hand….

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Carving The New Landscape

In a competitive work environment, extrinsic rewards such as fringe benefits, promotion, bonuses, commissions, or conditions of work no longer entice employees to increase their levels of performance. However, intrinsic rewards, which are more personal and directly tied to a completion of a task or attainment of a specific goal, have proven to motivate employee performance, improve retention, and are often much more affordable for organizations to provide to deserving employees.

Premier Gems of Calgary has worked with a list of clients who have come to realize that attitudes, cognitive styles, and perceptions of value can and do influence employees’ innovative performances. Understanding the beneficial correlation between employee rewards and performance has branded them as experts in the realm of elite reward solutions…



Create a jewellery piece that is as unique as you for your engagement, wedding, anniversary or special milestone in your life.